Sunday, 31 January 2010

We have eggs:-)

This week our hens very kindly made us some eggs - yay:-) six in fact.

We have had the occasional egg before but they have usually been very weak shelled and have broken. So this is really good progress as we have had almost one well made egg each day this week. DH has made himself a few fried egg sandwiches for his lunches while I waited until Saturday morning so that I could enjoy boiled eggs with soldiers......yummy, yum yum:-)

There they are.............

Look at how yellow that yoke is...clever, clever hens. They are also getting the hang of where to lay them, in the nest box, as we were getting them just deposited around their enclosure, randomly, lol!

In spinning news, I have been spinning my Blue Faced Leicester. I have completed my first bobbin, it's about 60g in weight and I am planning on spinning another 60g and then plying the two together.

The reason it's 60g for each bobbin is that this is about half of one of the sections of combed top that I got from the Spinning Weal last weekend. The lady there weights the fibre out on scales with little weights and she is very generous with her portions hence you always get more than 100g per "section", brilliant:-)

I am also seven hexagons nearer to completing the Snowflake Blanket, that's one per day (although I managed two yesterday evening). I can't decide what yarn to use for my Ripple Blanket though.....if you have any suggestions please do leave a comment:-) So far I'm considering either Stylecraft Pure Wool dk or King Cole Merino Blend dk........................but am open to suggestions. It's going to be double bed sized (ambitious I know!) so I can't afford Debbie Bliss or Rowan.

Off to the cinema later! to see Avatar.


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