Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Summer spinnin'

Hi there,

This week I have mainly been doing spinning!
Last Thursday I took my spinning wheel to the pub with me for knitting club and we all had a go at spinning. We were going to sit out in the pub garden but it started to spit spot with rain so we asked if we could spin indoors. The landlord was a little concerned that the spinning wheel would be loud and asked how much noise it would make, ha, ha
He need not have worried cos:

1 - it's not noisy
2 - we laughed so much no one could hear any spinning noises!

Some art yarn was created and we had fun:-) and there may be two more spinners in the making!

We have decided that knit club will be going up to Woolfest next year and Lesley, our Queen of organisation, has offered to find us a B&B in Keswick; it's going to be a hoot. Hopefully I willl have room for my spinning wheel in the car as they have a spin in on the Friday evening with over one hundred spinnners - cool!
In the mean time I went over to another friends on Saturday she spun alpaca and I spun this

It's "wool waste" from Coldharbour Mill. I bought a 250g bag when we went down there on our Knit Club Grand Day Out. I've kept it as singles and have set the twist by felting it slightly so that it won't drift apart. I dunked each skein first in really hot water and then into cold water and repeated that twice more - hot, cold, hot cold. Here it is round into balls
Its about 13wpi which is the equivalent of 4 ply or sock wool. Lesley said that she would get me some more cos she goes down to Exeter quite regularly. Another bag and I will have enough for a sweater.

I've also been knitting on my Old Shell Shawl and have started on the old shell pattern. No pictures, sorry, but there will be some in the next post I promise. Ooo and by then my blog will be a year old!
More soon:-)


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