Friday, 17 September 2010

Spinning wheels

Well I spent all of the weekend before last in bed with some really rather nasty germs. I think that they attacked me at work and by Saturday they were well entrenched and playing havoc. DH brought me tea, bascons sarnies and medicine and made sure that I was ok. I'm all mended now though thanks to the power of Beachams All in One cough mixture, yay:-)

Anyway, during the week I did manage to get some spinning done. I've been spining some Cotswold tops that my neighbour very kindly donated to my cause; I'm spinning the singles on my Timbertops Leicester, Lois, and the plying them on my Ashford Traddy, Nimue, using a Jumbo Flyer (or Funky Flyer as DH called it) that my lovely neighbour also gave me. By plying on the jumbo flyer I can "empty" both of the Timbertops bobbins without having to change bobins halfway through so I get all the plyed yarn in one continous length....brill!

So here is some of the yarn that I've been spinning and plying

and heres Lois and Nimue sunning themselves in the garden last Saturday.
We're not entirley sure but we think that Lois may be made of Yew; anyway whatever she is made of she's a fab wheel.

In the hen department Amy and Miranda are now getting on well with very few "arguments". Amy follows Miranda about the garden checking out all the little nooks and corners, she's still a bit shy of people but she is getting used to us. She started laying last week so now we get one normal sized Miranda egg and one smaller Amy egg - yummy:-)
Tommorow, the 18th, my neighbour and I are going to visit the Somerset Guild of Weavers Dyers and Spinners at their monthly meeting. There's going to be spinning and chatting and a talk from a guy called Ian Tait who makes spindles....should be well interesting and two other peeps from Knit Club have said that they may also be coming alsong as

More soon:-)


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