Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Stay in and Knit Day

Today is an official "Stay in and Knit Day".
Due to this..........

This is what it looked like this morning around and about our place at about 8.30am, it's very pretty but  jolly chilly and a bit grey.

The road is OK but there is very little traffic. I think that the busses may be running as there were footprints by the bus stop and next doors little car is still in the drive way so my neighbour must have gone to work on the bus this morning.

The hens had to be dug out! they are so not impressed and have retreated back into their little house, after a spot of breakfast of course.

So today is reserved for knitting :-)


  1. hi, welcome to our blog, definately knitting time , the tele is rubbish, we are stuck with kids off school, trying to get to the shop sporadically, need some normality now, anyway enjoy your knitting! love maxine

  2. oh, the hens! i'm sure they didn't appreciate the snow at all! ;) sometimes i wish it would snow here, but people in L.A. would be freaking out!

    you are inspiring me to knit but it's been warm around here and it's hard for me to knit when it's warm.


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