Sunday, 10 January 2010

Knit, Spin, Stash!

So, hasn't this week been cold? brrrr! but the hens are really toasty and warm; I picked Caroline up on Thursday and she was really toasty, like a litttle hen shaped hot water bottle! So my top tip is, if you are cold, pop a hen up your jumper!

So, since Wednesday we have not been out much except to get a bit of shopping and as I was off from work all this week I mainly stayed in and did home type stuff in the warm.

I have now completed the knitting on the Garter Yoke Cardy#2 and just have to weave in ends and sew on buttons. I have already got the buttons chosen; some green shell buttons which I got from Get Knitted when I bought the yarn for the project. I really like them and I reckon they will look fab. The modifications that I did to the sleeves seem to have worked out ok. I tapered them and also made them longer than in the pattern. My sleeve modifications can be found on my project page if you are interested.

My 2nd nearest neighbour has recently become a Raveler! yay:-) and she messaged me for some tips on Thursday so I popped over and we had a rummage about on Ravelry for a while. As well as knitting with needles and looms she also spins and has several lovely spinning wheels. She offered to teach me to spin to which I said yes :-) So on Saturday she popped over and dropped off a top whorl drop spindle, instructions, a bag of 100% shetland wool combed tops and a niddy-noddy

So I have been spinning! and I have made thread! and it's not too bad (well I think its ok, it may not be though, he he!). It is quite addictive and very relaxing, the fibre is so soft and it smells lovely (ok, yes I have been sniffing the fibre).

I also took the oportunity to have some boxes of work stuff put up into the attic (thanks to DH) and to catalogue most of my yarn stash, which I found out was rather large, actually rather larger than I though it was! I have divided into two stashes:-
  • The "Jumper Stash" (JS) which consists of yarn in quantities big enough to make an adult sized sweater; and
  • The ""Non-jumper Stash" (NJS) which is all the rest.

The JS has been put into a massive ziplock bag, one of those where you suck the air out with the vacumn cleaner, and put under our bed, while the NJS (also in a massive ziplock) is lurking in the spare room. Of course there are still balls of yarn and mini-stashes lurking in the sitting room, but in the main I consider it to be under some kind of assemblance of order (for now at least).

Having ordered the "Beast that is my Stash"...I then proceeded to buy more yarn! yes I know, but somehow this does not really count as it is a purchase made with the Fyberspates gift voucher I recieved from my collegues at my last job as part of my leaving present, so I was not really spending money at all. I bought some Scrumptious dk in pinks and purples with which I intend to make a Clapotis (may change my mind, but for now it's gonna be a Clapotis).

Whilst writing this post there has been several quite  large "roaring" noises outside, in fact it's just done it again, lol! made DH jump, he, he. It's massive flumps of snow sliding off of the roof!  A big wodge just came off and landed very close to the hens! they are ok though, just a bit freaked out poor things. Apparently we are in for more snow tonight. I am back to work tomorrow so wish me luck with the buses!


  1. Love the buttons! Good luck with your spinning too! I'm just starting out learning how to spin too. Keep warm!

  2. Emma, please read message left on your facebook account.


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