Sunday, 27 December 2009

Crimble bimble

Well I do hope that you all had a lovely Solstice and Christmas.
Since the last post we have been very busy. The painters finished the house and the scaffolders removed the scaffolding. Here is the house before (at the end of September) and after (on Christmas Day)

We are so happy with how it is. DH reckons that the house seems warmer because of the new layer of paint, he, he:-)
We also had the Winter Solistice Dinner Party on the 19th, a few days early but on a Saturday so that people would be able to stay later. I managed not to burn anything. On the menu was:
Roast Potatoes
Dauphnois Potatoes
Roast Parsnips
Carrots and Peas
Red Currant Jelly
Apple Crumble and Custard
Christmas Pudding and Brandy Cream

We didn't actually have any room for the Christmas Pudding, lol! so I still have it. There were also cheeses and biscuits but to be honest we were soooo stuffed we gave them as miss too.....we did have a few chocolate truffles though with some Plum Vodka (remember that?) which went down very well...mmmm.

Then on the 21st it snowed quite a bit. We usually don't get much snow here so whilst the rest of the UK seemed to be grinding to a halt under a thick layer of the stuff we got off lightly with a couple of inches. The 376 bus kept on a trucking and I was still able to get to work although the pavements in Bristol were pretty trecherous.....I did manage to stay upright,  more by luck than judgement I might add! Others were not so lucky especially on Queen Square which had turned into an ice rink by Wednesday.
Here is our house in the snow, looks very pretty. The hens are not to sure though. Miranda looks perturbed!

Christmas Day we just chilled out all day in front of the fire. We all had porridge for breakfast, here are the hens enjoying their Christmas Porridge.

It was pretty chilly outside with the last of the snow clinging on

We then opened our pressies and watched movies all afternoon, scoffed some cheese and biscuts and had a glass of wine.
Boxing Day we went to my sister and brother in laws with the rest of DHs family - his mon and dad and little sister. All in all, we had a lovely time, thanks guys:-)

The Garter Yoke Cardy is coming along fine and I have been able to do a little bit each evening and occasionally on the bus as well, although it is now getting to the stage where its a bit big for public transport. Last night I completed the body section so today I will start the sleeves. I would like to make the sleeves tapered like normal sweater sleeves so I will have to do some sums.
Anyway here it is so far....sans sleeves...


  1. The Girls are so beautiful! Healthy, even happy looking. And that plum vodka turned out lovely, too - what an ending to a fine menu. Makes me hungry! Christmas in a Somerset cottage (lookin' new and sparkly) sounds dreamy.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Hope you and K had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to the both of you:-)


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