Sunday, 28 February 2010

On the crochet home straight

Ok, so I had little bit of a "oops!" moment with the Snowflake Blankie since my last post.....I ran out of the blue yarn at 57 snowflakes!

I discovered that this particular blue has been discontinued in that particular yarn- fiddle! The very helpful lady in the LYS found a similar and suitable colour - Loom Blue - in Sirdar Click Chunky but she didn't have it in an Aran weight.
So I had a rummage about on the interweb and I ordered two balls of Loom Blue Click Aran from Knit and Sew in Swansea. I ordered the yarn on the Sunday evening and it arrived on the Tuesday; that is such good service plus the price was much cheaper than I was expecting - brill all round. Actually it's really nice yarn, comes in some lovely colours and is machine washable so I may try some out in the future for a sweater.

Anyway, all the snowflakes have now been completed - yay! and they have been sewn together into strips and I am now in the process of sewing the strips together after which I will do the edging.
Here is how far I have got as of this evening - three strips sewn together draped over the back of my chair. There are an awful lot of ends to sew in as well, but I'm getting there:-)

and a close up

Actually it is a bit odd but I don't mind sewing the blanket together, I'm quite getting into it which is strange because I usually really do not like sewing up my knitting projects; the sewing up part is usually where the project ends up being hibernated. In fact I don't like the sewing up part so much that I usually opt for seamless construction even if it means getting the calculator out and converting the pattern. Maybe this is a good sign, or maybe my head just works differently for crochet.

While I was at the LYS I could not resist the thought of the Ripple Blankie and so I bought some more yarn for it; more Patons Diploma Gold DK, here it is.....


Pretty colours:-) I now have quite a good collection of colours and I may even make a start this week (fingers crossed) but not before finishing the Snowflake Blankie, of course;-)

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  1. Beautiful blanket! I really like the white snowflakes against the blue background. :)


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