Sunday, 14 February 2010

Crochet blankie update

The Snowflake Blanket is coming along. I now have 46 hexagons completed so I need another 13 more before they all get joined together.
Here is a little preview.
and here is the "stack"

I have been steadily working on it each evening. This week though I haven't been too well, I had a cold and have been generally full of germs. I worked from home on one day as I think my collegues had got a bit fed up with the sneezing and tissues and general grumpyness that is me when I'm unwell.  I just don't do ill very well at all but I'm feeling much better now - yay:-)

So, to celebrate I went to Marmalade Yarns in Frome to get some yarns for my next crochet project.....a Ripple Blanket, and to see what the shop is like now that it has different ladies running it. 

I can report that it's still lovely there and now there is a sofa nook with magazines to read and a comfy chair by the window as well. The yarn selection is really good too and they have yarn from Coldharbour Mill in Devon; so local yarn store with local yarn yay!

I got a bunch of colours in Patons Diploma Gold DK because I am planning on making a blanket for our double bed and that will take a lot of yarn (and a lot of time) and I really can't afford Rowan or Debbie Bliss, gosh that would be expensive. Patons Diploma Gold DK comes in lots of pretty colours and is machine washable, soft and not likely to be discontinued any time soon. I do have some bits and bobs of other dk yarn in various colours that will also go into the blanket but it will mainly be Patons Diploma Gold DK

Here's what I got.
I am being strict with myself though and I will finish the Snowflake Blanket first before starting the Ripple.


  1. The blanket looks great! I'm not sure I'd have the patience to do a project that big. :)

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your kind comments about our shop. Maxine remembers you coming in but didn't make the connection with your blog 'til later.
    Yhe snowflake blanket looks wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing the ripple in progress. I have added you onto my blog list so I don't miss any of the photos of your lovely blankets.
    Happy Knitting.

  3. I agree - your snowflake blanket is going to be awesome!


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