Sunday, 1 November 2009

Maybe Winter is coming

Today the weather is not nice at all - rain and wind - ugh:-(
Maybe Winter is coming.

..................not very nice, brrr!.

The hens are hiding in their little house away from the wind and rain, poor things!

On the knitting front, though, there has been some progress!
Oh yes:-) I am getting on with my Woodland Shawl and it is growing...slowly. The yarn is just right for it (thank you Ali:-)) all lovely and green...mmmmm. Green is definitely my favorite colour.

Here it is on the hearth rug - sorry not a very good picture but you can see that I have completed four or five pattern repeats.

I have added to the width by adding three pattern repeats to the original pattern; so instead of casting on 89 stitches I have cast on 125 to make it wider as I have two skeins of yarn instead of one as in the Thifty Knitters original.
And now...for some close ups......


Also, this arrived in the post earlier in the week.

It's a bunch of sock yarn from the UK Blankiemania Group on Ravelry for knitting the "Sock Yarn Blanket" by Shelly Kang. I have named mine the "Insanity Blanket" because it's just going to take an insane amount of time to complete it....each little square is about 3.5 x 3.5 inches! and I'm making this for a DOUBLE bed!

Anyway, the idea is that the bag of yarn gets posted from one group member to another and each member takes out the yarn they like and replaces it with an equal number of balls/skeins of yarn from their own stash of sock yarn. The idea is that we don't all have to knit 100s of pairs of socks to generate the left over yarn needed for the blanket or, indeed, spend a fortune on buying whole skeins of our own sock yarn and it's a really good way of amassing a varied collection of yarn for your blanket.
As you can see my blanket is still rather small! but some people in the group are on to their second and even third blankets!

I intend to knit some more after I have completed the Woodland Shawl; I guess it's just a project that ticks along in the background really.


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