Sunday, 8 November 2009

Home sweet home

Gosh, well, this week was quite busy really. I went away for work on Sunday evening and returned home Wednesday evening. It's so nice to be home. Don't you find that nowhere is quite as good as home? So nice to sleep in my own bed and I missed DH lots. Home is brill:-)

While I was away this plant popped into flower on our driveway and I thought it rather pretty. Is it Cow Parsley?

In other news the hens are coming along nicely. They are getting feathers and are getting the hang of generally being hens. There has been flapping wings, running about and a little bit of "hen talk". DH reports that they have started following him when he goes past their enclosure to go up to the gararge plus they are kind of getting the hang of going into their house when it starts to get dark, but really they need a bit more practice. No eggs yet but it's early days and they need to concentrate on getting feathers and putting on weight.
There are's just that I was unable to get all of them in shot together!

 Also, yesterday we had our first carrots out of the veggie patch....look....arn't they pretty?

There are plenty more still in the garden.
These went into a rabbit and cider stew half of which is in the freezer and half of which is in the fridge in preperation for weekday dinners.
The Woodland Shawl is trundling onwards....ever onwards. It seems to be taking a while but it's an enjoyable knit so I'm plugging away at it:-) I'ts a good project for boring hotel rooms and it will be coming along with me again during the next week as I will be away for three nights. keeps me sane!

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  1. i can't wait to have chickens someday!!

    i love this post, something very cozy about it - hens in the yard, carrots from the garden, stew on the menu. so nice! :)


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