Sunday, 9 August 2009

New camera and other stuff


Well first of all I have some very exciting news..........

I have bought myself a proper camera. Yes, a proper camera, and it's a bit fab really - it's a Canon EOS 20D and I'm having great fun with it.
So hopefully there will be better pics on here in future.

Anyway, what have I been doing? and what have I been taking pictures of?
Well, yesterday we went to Bristol to see Lessa, drink tea and eat cake (yum) and here is what we had with our tea........
While we were enjoying our tea and buns the Red Arrows went over! But they were too fast for me, lol. Lessas tomatoes are doing ok, they just need some sunshine now so that they can ripen. Hers are futher on than ours, we have flowers but as yet no fruits. Here's a pic of hers - well done Lessa:-)
I also went to Get Knitted to pick up the chicken knitting pattern so that I can make DH a chicken tea cosy. Get Knitted is such a fab shop, if you can go do.

Back at home the veggies are growing well and the sweetcorn is now flowering so I am hoping that with a bit of dry weather polination will happen and we will get plumptious cobs of sweet sweetcorn.

The beans are also coming along......

Also, the buddlia has been absolutely covered in beautiful butterflies. They let me get very, very close and they were even landing on me! so I took some pics.
The camera is very cool and I have taken loads and loads of pics with it, it's fun to use and I'm so pleased to have it........................ and while I was snapping away Meredith was peeping at me from the


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