Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fleece Fair Report


Yesterday was the Annual Fleece Fair of the Somerset Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers.

It was a great day even though it did rain quite a bit as predicted by Radio 4 on the way down to Hatch Beauchamp Village Hall. I managed to arrive just after 9am and members were already there setting out the tables for the sellers and washing lettuce for the lunches.

We had the main hall full of sales tables for the fleece and fibre.

And the back room for demos of weaving, spinning and fibre prep.

We had Amanda Hannaford from MandaCrafts with all her lovely fluff.

And we had Sarah Harris and Mr Harris of The Spinning Weal with all their fibery goodness.

There was also cake, mmmm.

After being adamant that I was NOT going to buy anything I did crumble a buy a couple of small bags of Romney. It’s from the same lady that the Romney I have just finished spinning up was from; which is cool, as I got to tell her how lovely it was/is and to get some more!

And there is more to come! Oh yes, we are off to WoolFest on Thursday, yay!

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  1. I definitely intend to make it next year! Not just for the fleece... Did you see that Victoria Sponge Cake? It looked like a great day. I am sure you will enjoy Woolfest too, you make me very jealous.


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