Friday, 11 February 2011

This Winter I have Mostly been Knitting.......................................


These are my second pair of Cranfords

and these are my Snap-Dragon-Fliptops

here's a closeup of the snapdragon flowers.

Then I made these EZ Mitered Mittens from some of my handspun yarn

and then got all inspired and made up my own mitts pattern.
 I still have quite a bit of mitten mojo going on so I've started a second pair of my own mittens but this time I'm doing them in stripes of green aran and Noro Silk Garden in kind of pinky, purpley, greeny colours, with three rows of the aran and then three rows of the Noro. I'll get some pics of those up soon, promise.

Also, I'm hoping that my mitts pattern will be available for download. Some of my knitty pals are kindly test knitting my pattern for me at the moment. I'll put a link on here so that you can download it but as I've never done this kind of thing before, "publishing a knitting pattern", it may take me a while; although hopefully not as long as it's been since I last posted on here! ooops!

Off to knit more mitts:-)
Back soon.

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  1. You can never have too many mittens...I love the Cranford Ones, and this has reminded me that I am supposed to be knitting some for the ladies in the Unit...
    Best wishes Shani


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