Sunday, 27 June 2010


Phew, it been a bit of a scorcher here in Somerset this last week. Which is brill for several reasons:
Washing gets dry super fast;
Makes my tomato plants grow; and
Good weather for Glastonbury Festival

So, we didn't go to Glastonbury but we saw some of it on the telly - Florence & The Machine were my fave:-)The traffic past our house was at a standstill on Wednesday morning and the bus home from work was packed on Wednesday evening, lots of festy goers and a happy happy vibe, love it:-}

Anyway, it may be scorchio outside but our little cottage is nice and cool inside due to our three foot solid stone walls. So we have mostly been hiding from the heat. I have completed one of the edges of the Old Shell Shawl, here it is....

There are 29 "bumps" in total. Next I have to pick up and knit 270 stitches along the flat edge; that's one stitch for every 2 rows of the edging. I'll be off to You Tube to see if there are any top tips on how to do it neatly.

In my last post I completley forgot to tell you all about a beautiful piece of equipment I got recently. It's a yarn it is

It's made by hand by Claire and Richard of Sunflower Swifts
I looked at quite a few swifts and didn't fancy any of them really plus I wanted one  that was free standing as aposed to one that clamps to a table. This one folds up nice and neatly and is beatifully made out of solid wood and it smells lovely as well; thank you Claire.

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  1. Beautiful yarn and swift! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! (Please forgive me if this posts two or three times. I'm having trouble getting comments to post for some reason, so I'm trying it again with a different browser.)


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