Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lack of knitting so Hens instead !

After the epic of the Snowflake Blanket I am rather stuck for what to do next. There are a few options I have been considering...and they are....

  • A ripple blankie - I have lots of yarn for it in lots of pretty colours. I have the pattern printed out. I have the crochet hook.
  • A 4 ply cardy/sweater. Top down set in sleeves from Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top. I have been swatching with some orange sock yarn I got from Lidl last year.
  • An aran cardy/sweater that is not another Garter Yoke Cardigan but could be a la Knitting From the Top as well.
  • Something completely different.................

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

By way of an interlude and instead of knitting I give you our hens, Miranda, Callie and Caroline, who have been enjoying the spring sunshine lately....
1. image223, 2. image215, 3. image216, 4. image224, 5. image201, 6. image204, 7. image211, 8. image181, 9. image188, 10. image192, 11. image72, 12. image71, 13. image64, 14. image75, 15. image44, 16. image43, 17. image50, 18. image180, 19. image19, 20. image208, 21. image183, 22. image63, 23. image209, 24. image87

More soon :-)


  1. I'm really enjoying rippling at the moment although I have been slack this week! :)
    Nice hens! :)

  2. LOVE your hen photos :) We don't have any 'girls' right now but we're getting a fresh batch of chicks soon and we can't wait. Fabulous mosaic :)


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